Hello I'm Lanaia and I'm a Canadian Princess who saves all the princes in distress(◡‿◡✿) I like pretty dresses, hair accessories, cute boys, cute girls,mermaids, nosebleeds, and being choked

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Tights from KeuTokki | Use 'teaboxes' for a discount

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Beautiful fairy top with hood. You can wear it with the hood up but can also wear it as an off shoulder top for a different style. You can also wear a vest under the top if you don’t want to go for the cropped look : : : :

Stretches to fit and fully adjustable with ties…


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People will stare. Make it worth their while → Tex Saverio “The Revelation” Haute Couture Collection | 2012


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Chiffon Frill Dress on Victorian Maiden

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Dress by www.chotronette.com


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alix of the cherry blossom girl



Esther Quek

oh man I’d wear shorts suits


Body jewelry

valentino spring/summer 2013

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Dress by www.chotronette.com