Hello I'm Lanaia and I'm a Canadian Princess who saves all the princes in distress(◡‿◡✿) I like pretty dresses, hair accessories, cute boys, cute girls,mermaids, nosebleeds, and being choked

[this heart's a mess]

a beautiful and inspirational video about the creative process of one of my favourite Gotye songs and probably one of my favourite songs of all time “Eyes Wide Open”

Black and white tux, ain’t no need for no other colors

Talkin about “why don’t she change her clothes?”

Well, they ain’t seem to mind the last 3 times I posed in Vogue.

Name: A Heat Rash In The Shape Of The Show Me State Or, Letters From Me To Charlotte
Artist: Los Campesinos

los campesinos!- a heat rash in the shape of the show me state or, letters from me to Charlotte

They promised they’d be best of friends from now until forever,
But both were far too needy not to fall for the other.
And how the frequent public displays of sisterly affection,
Left her feeling safe, left him with an erection.

Walk out onto your front lawn and face into the rain,
Shout into the wind this’ll never be the same.

it’s been a really good music year.

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Name: Threshold
Artist: Austin Wintory


Threshold - Austin Wintory


Awesome charcoal drawing by Yanni Floros.


So, yesterday I said that I hypothetically might do this and today I decided to sift through my 5000+ songs and compile a bit of a list of songs that fall under the aforementioned category. Each song makes me feel FEELINGS most of them not very happy feelings, so don’t listen to too many of these at once unless you want to spiral into a pit of eternal sadness but if that’s you’re thing then by all means go for it!! Some of these songs I relate to on a personal level, and some of them are me being a gigantic sap and relating them to characters and stuff. Feel free to ask me about the songs and why they’re there I would be more than happy to explain my attachment to it, I like doing that a lot actually so really if you’re curious I will tell you!!! Please enjoy this list, or hate it if it doesn’t tickle your fancy :]

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you guys you guys

can anyone really comprehend how beautiful Eisley’s new album is?