Hello I'm Lanaia and I'm a Canadian Princess who saves all the princes in distress(◡‿◡✿) I like pretty dresses, hair accessories, cute boys, cute girls,mermaids, nosebleeds, and being choked

[this heart's a mess]

significantly less SFW art as of late ooops

Here have some porny pictures I’ve been drawing lately they’re all the same fucking characters and no you don’t know who they are don’t even try

As some of you may know, I’m in the process of attending Make Up school and pursuing a career in make up artistry, if you could reblog this to help spread my name I would be eternally grateful!!! 

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Model: Hunter

mermaid girlfriends

doodled a  bored mermaid

Let’s play a game



Go to ColorSchemeDesigner

Click “Random -> Randomize palette” 


And with the resulting palette design a new character.



Surprisingly good way to get over art block

trying to draw one of my main mtg babes vraska and I can’t make it past the sketch phase sobs

UM a very long overdue art trade with the lovely Mika

I’M SORRY I FORGOT FOR SO LONG you should have bugged me but HERE YOU GO

i drew myself as a magical girl uwu

I did a livestream last night and this is what I accomplished, have lots of tits. blonde is my oc, fish girl and four arms belong to a friend

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Ken Sugimori's Pokemon!


spoilers: every incarnation of me is probably wearing a dress and a bow

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Zelda: Windwaker!

I’ve yet to play Wind Waker but I’ve watched a bit of it played by a friend and I like the Ritos so I’m a cute Rito girl


quick 5 minute doodle of possible succubus character???


but I finally started listening and wanted to doodle 

finally finished