Hello I'm Lanaia and I'm a Canadian Princess who saves all the princes in distress(◡‿◡✿) I like pretty dresses, hair accessories, cute boys, cute girls,mermaids, nosebleeds, and being choked

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been listening to Ode to the bouncer lately 

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Name: The Bed Song
Artist: Amanda Palmer


Amanda Palmer || The Bed Song

And I finally ask you, what was the matter?
Was it a matter of worse or of better?
You stretch your arms out and finally face me
You say I would have told you
If you’d only asked me

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Xoil Tattoo

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Pin-ups and Their Reference Photos

Every artist has to start somewhere. It’s fun to compare the photo to the painting and see what the artist chose to exaggerate or change completely. Though there’s a spark of life and personality in the faces of some of these models that the artist either couldn’t or chose not to capture. Glad the original photos survived.


welcome to my world ♡

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Alicia Rius - From The Back Seat of My Car (2011)